Privacy Policy

We will never spam you

Registering with American TV 2 Go does require an email address. We use a web-standard "triple opt-in" protocol that includes sending a unique link to your email address so we can verify that you are the real person with that mailbox. Once your account is activated, you have full control over what email address(es) we use to communicate with you. You can change or delete the address(es) at any time.

We will send you emails related to your interaction with our service. For example, we will send you an Order Confirmation as a receipt should you subscribe. You can also unsubscribe from all future mailings by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any email we send.

We will never disclose your personal information outside our organization unless required by law

We may access your information for purposes of providing customer service and/or technical support either at your request or when necessary for system maintenance. Our support servicing partner may also access a reduced set of information in your account for the customer support reasons and only at your request. We do not share bulk data with our support servicing partner and they have no access to financial information such as credit card numbers.

In some cases, we may share your email address only with an affiliate if you were referred to us by them. If you receive any undesirable emails from someone in our name, please report them to us immediately using our Support Form or by forwarding that email to

We give you control over your information

Personal information such as email addresses, mailing addresses, your name, etc can all be controlled by you. That includes deleting this information. There are a few exceptions to this rule but they all stem from a need to maintain accurate and auditable accounting records as required by tax regulations. We do everything we can to minimize the retention of this data. All sensitive data such as credit card numbers are triple-DES encrypted and are not generally visible, even to our support staff.

We will only access your personal information when it is required to support our services for you

As stated above, we do not casually browse the personal information you have shared with us. We respect your right to privacy (as we guard our own) and will only use this data in response to a request from you or to notify you of relevant events should they occur.

We will protect your information from other users

All sensitive information is encrypted in our database using a sophisticated encryption algorithm. All forms on our web site that accept your information are secured with web-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption. The keys for our encrypted data are stored securely in an off-site location. Even if our web servers were hacked by criminals, they would not have the keys to decrypt this data and it would be useless to them.

We will not sell, rent or share information about user habits, even in aggregate

American TV 2 Go is in the business of providing the best internet television service available. Our company has no interest in selling your information or generating advertising revenue based on our customers.

What information do we collect?

The only thing that is required to register and sample our service (via the Free Demo) is a valid email address. To subscribe, we do need to collect personally-identifiable information including your billing and contact information. Additional information such as a Social Security Number may also be requested but is not required. This sensitive information is encrypted and stored securely and treated with the highest respect.


American TV 2 Go sends a "cookie" to your computer that contains a unique identifier that is used for tracking your interactive session with us. We use this cookie to provide you with a continuous experience, and it generally just stores references to items in your shopping cart plus some other non-sensitive information. Cookies are not required for our website! You may choose to disable cookies in your browser's settings. However, some features of may not work as a result. The choice is yours.

As is done with most web sites, we also log each visit to each web page. A log entry contains information typically found in the "header" of your web browser's request such as the browser you used, your IP address and a timestamp, plus errors you may have encountered. We may also log the URL of the last site you visited. This log information is important for improvements to our service, plus monitoring the health of our web site.