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    - Rahil (UK)
  • "Thanks for the A+ customer service!"
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  • "Just wanted to thank you all for your service. It is really working great for us here in Germany!! We will be letting everyone we come across know about your service"
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Now you can take LIVE American Television with you!

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Latest News

NEW - Now Hosting DISH Flex TV!

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A Dish Flex account would give you access to any package(s) offered by DISH to customers currently residing in the U.S., to include on demand and pay-per-view content.  The difference with Flex is that because there is no credit check, U.S. credit card, or leased DVR, you would purchase the DVR from DISH up-front, but (unfortunately) would not enjoy the limited-term/introductory promotional rates that DISH offers to other new customers who lease a DVR.  The good news is that you would not be bound by a long-term contract (you can cancel at any time) and you could recover much of the up-front cost by selling your DVR (e.g., on eBay) down-the-road. 

Right now, DISH charges $199 for the DVR, a “Sling-Loaded Hopper”, and a $129 setup fee.  Because the Hopper has a built-in Slingbox, our hosting fee is reduced to $79.95/month or for $20/month more, we would provide a second, external Slingbox.  This would get you the capability to watch two different live or recorded programs simultaneously from two different locations!

If you wish to subscribe to a DISH Flex plan, please follow the subscription process on our website as if you were subscribing to a “regular” DISH package.  When you receive your Order Confirmation email, simply reply with the words “DISH Flex” in the body and we will handle the rest.  You may expect to have your system up-and-running in 3-5 business days.

You’ll find DISH’s channel lineup here

We now offer hosting for both the DISH Network Hopper and DIRECTV Genie!
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