What We Do For You

Data Center

You want to watch LIVE HD television from the U.S. while you travel the world? American TV 2 Go knows how do it! We provide a service which puts all the pieces together so that you can enjoy your favorite programs nearly anywhere, reliably, and without the hassle of dealing with all of the required technical stuff. Through our website, we provide a single point which enables you to:

  • Subscribe to DIRECTV® or DISH Network® satellite television service
  • Lease a Slingbox™
  • Subscribe to our Hosting Service

Once you've signed up, we handle all the rest. We will:

  • Receive and install your DVR and your Slingbox™ at our Data Center in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Activate and configure your DVR
  • Connect your Slingbox™ to the Internet via our ultra-high-speed fiber-optic backbone
  • Configure your Slingbox™ for remote access over the Internet
  • Maintain your equipment and provide technical support

You get all of this for a low monthly fee. While both DISH® and DIRECTV® require a 24-month term, there is no minimum commitment to ATV2Go - you may cancel at any time! If you choose to cancel your subscription to ATV2Go's service, we will either return your leased DVR on your behalf or will ship it anywhere in the world!

How It Works

For a really thorough explanation of how the Slingbox™ system works, we recommend taking a look at Sling Media's™ website, but here are the basics:

The Slingbox™ system consists of two parts: the Slingbox™ itself (hardware connected to your DVR) and the SlingPlayer™ (software installed in your web browser, set-top box, or mobile device). When properly connected and configured, this system performs two functions:

1. It converts the audio and video signals from your DVR to a compressed digital data stream. This data stream can be accessed, decoded and viewed remotely from any location in the world where you have an Internet-connected PC, Mac, or compatible mobile device running the SlingPlayer™ software. The Slingbox™ system continually adapts its compression parameters to provide you the highest quality audio and video possible, based on the speed of your Internet connection

2. It provides a virtual remote control on your computer which looks just like the remote control that comes with your DVR. This virtual remote allows you to control your DVR just as if you were at home in your living room with the actual remote control in your hand.

You may choose to watch your favorite shows on your computer screen, or if your video card supports it (as most do these days), you can connect your computer or set-top box to your full-size television.

Customer Eligibility

  • If you already have a subscribed DISH® or DIRECTV® DVR, then you are "in"
  • If you do NOT already have a DISH® or DIRECTV®account, then we can help you set one up, but only if you have a credit card with a U.S. billing address and U.S. telephone number
  • To try our FREE Demo or to subscribe now, click here

DISCLAIMER: American TV 2 Go provides international access to U.S. satellite television programming via terrestrial network connections as a value-added service. American TV 2 Go is not an affiliate or subsidiary of DIRECTV®, Hughes Satellite Corporation®, or Dish Network®.