Speed Test

The level of picture quality to expect from American TV 2 Go is directly related to the speed of the network connection between American TV 2 Go’s data center and your viewing location; i.e., a faster connection gets you better quality video.

American TV 2 Go will always provide more upload speed to the Internet than your Slingbox™ could ever use (much, much more than a typical residential Internet connection), but the download speed you’ll see at your location is affected by many factors beyond the control of American TV 2 Go (e.g., your service provider, your local network, and even your neighbor's activity). Running this speed test will give you an estimate of the network performance you can expect at your current location.

Your Slingbox™ will continuously monitor your network speed and adjust the video and audio streams to provide the best possible performance while viewing your television. After running this speed test, try our free demo to see how great the picture really looks - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

To ensure best results from this test, please close any other applications that connect to the Internet before starting including email, all other web pages, etc.