Knowledge Base 12/21/2000 12:00:00 AM

Multi-Slingbox Hosting and the Advantage of DISH's Sling-Loaded Hopper

It is only possible for one user to connect to a particular Slingbox at any given time. As such, if you would like the ability to watch multiple live or recorded programs simultaneously, you would need to have more than one DVR/Slingbox combo. Here's what you need to know:
DIRECTV allows up to six DVRs on a single account. Each additional DVR will increase your DIRECTV bill by ~$10/month and all of your subscribed channels will be available on each DVR, but it still costs us the same amount to host each of the systems for you, regardless of how many you have.  We do offer hosting discounts for customers with multiple systems though, see the table below.

Here's the really good deal: With DISH's Sling-Loaded Hopper (a DVR with a built-in Slingbox) and a second, external Slingbox, with just a single hosted system, you would be able to connect from two separate rooms at the same time and would be able to watch two different live or recorded shows simultaneously! 

Hosting for a single Sling-Loaded Hopper is $79.95/month, but we can provide that second, external Slingbox for just $20/month more.  That's almost $60/month less for a dual-access system than with two DIRECTV DVRs!

IMPORTANT NOTE: DISH Anywhere (what you use to connect to your Sling-Loaded Hopper) blocks Video-on-Demand (VOD) outside the U.S., so unless you have a VPN endpoint or Proxy Server in the U.S., an external Slingbox is the only way to access VOD with your DISH account. 
Hosting Fees:

DIRECTV DVR/Slingbox Systems  One-time Setup Fee  Monthly Hosting Fee 
 $99  $89.95
 $198  $159.90
 $297  $209.85
 $396  $269.80
 $495  $329.75
 $594  $389.70